Palisade Guardian 4

Palisade Guardian is the brain child of Mark Loika, founder of Erebos games. Palisade Guardian 4 is an online flash game and as the name implies, the fourth installment of this successful series. This project came my way during its final stages, when there was about 3 weeks of time and 6 weeks of features and bugs left. 95% had already been implemented and thought out by my good friend Marc Abbink, who did an amazing job in a really short period, but unfortunately he ran out of time to finish it. Having to choose between having either no work or a shitload of it, my naïve self chose the latter.

All in all a pretty intense project since I had little experience with online flash games, ad networks, localization and the Away3d engine in combination with a ton of (due to time pressure) undocumented code on my hands. Anyway, blood-sweat-tears blahblah, fast forward, yay! DONE!

And yes, I’d love to show you the interactive end result, but yeah… Flash grmblgrmlbmrl (Read: all I got left is that video on the left).

  • Implementing remaining features in ActionScript 3 / Away3d/ Starling
  • Fix about 100 remaining bugs
  • Maintaining my sanity
  1. Upon finishing the project, I received a copy of “Chivalry – Medieval Warfare” in my Steam inbox from Mark Loika as a token of appreciation for the long nights, and together with Marco Vale (the graphic artist) we drank a cold beer through Skype (Mark being in the USA, Marco being in Portugal, and me in the Netherlands), and kicked each others virtual asses with rusty swords.
  2. Mark Loika, Marco Vale, Marc Abbink… does anyone else see a pattern here? I was surprised I was even allowed to work on the project, being a Hans and all…