Die Heart

Die Heart was created in a 48-hour sprint during the Global Game Jam of 2013. Against better judgement we decided to use a technology completely new to us during this GameJam, called the Starling Framework. The framework turned out to be great and we had a blast trying to create a cool looking game. The gameplay leaves a lot to be desired and I am afraid the blame was all on us.

The theme for the GGJ2013 was (drumsound…) “Sound of a beating heart”. We took this quite literally and that is why YOU, the player, are a corpse with an unbeating heart protruding out of your chest. Scavengers are after your corpse, so clearly you need saving. How? Read on…

Install Flash-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Just kidding! BUT! If you still had Flash you would:

  • Click the heart
  • Wait for the corpse to rise
  • As soon as the bats start chasing you, start beati.. uhm clicking the heart. This will provide the necessary blood flow to your veins to run awaaayy!
  • Procedurally generated landscape, with dynamically increasing slopes
  • Procedurally generated sky with lightning
  • Dynamically placed animating assets on the terrain
  • Starling Particles effects for the forest trees and lamps
  • 50 layers of trees (okay okay not 50, but enough to look *awesome*)

While trying to implement the ground (QuadBatches of 1 pixel-wide strips scaled to implement terrain height) I had the position, alpha and color completely wrong. So wrong, the ground actually looked like a bright overlit sky. AND THERE WAS LIGHTNING! Some call it a bug, we call it a feature.