Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander was a small game I made to teach the basics of Unity at a school workshop for 14 year olds. In the end, even though the game looks simple, there are already so many little things involved the moment you start dealing with 3d models and textures, that I went back to an even simpler game (Arkanoid) and decided to skip this one for the time being. Maybe I’ll turn it into a youtube tutorial someday, if I ever find a way to clone myself.

Since there are no credits in game, I’ll post them here: background music by Curt Cool, background image by Bruno, cool UFO sounds from the Retro Sci-Fi Pack, explosions from the Detonator Explosion Framework, free moon by Gerhalt3d, landing platform by AsylumBoundGames, UFO by JonLundy3D, Poiret One font by Denis Masharov, tweening done through DoTween & last but not least some awesome SciFi UI buttons from Punchev (djeez, did I do anything by myself?). Anyway, if you happen to be in this list and actually reading this: THANK YOU, creators like you make it possible to do the things I do!