Gringos Reborn

For those of you that don’t know the original game, Gringos was a 2 player shoot-out on the C64 & Amiga. I haven’t been able to find an old replay of the C64 but I did manage to find an old Amiga one. The basic idea is a standard 2 cowboy showdown with some nice twists/mechanics, e.g. there is some destructible bullet blocking scenery (the cactus plants), some indestructible bullet blocking scenery (the horse and wagon), you have to aim exactly at the head (made harder by moving and the way the shooting works) and you have to actively reload after emptying your gun. Last but not least, if you score a non lethal hit on your opponent, movement speed is reduced by a small amount.

So I’ve been wanting to make a remake of this game for a while now and when our LiNK study association organized a game jam with the theme ‘Slow’, I thought it would make a nice (although fairly farfetched ;)) match. Seeing the game jam was only 48 hours and I was working alone, the end result is by no means perfect, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly nonetheless. Being online (due to Corona) slaving away on your game with a couple of colleagues and a bunch of students all online in the same Discord channel made me realize again what an awesome education we have and how lucky we are with the sort of bond that we have with our students.

Now all I gotta do is find time to remake this remake so I can add actual multiplayer, better aiming, multi-character selection and the same damn awesome music that accompanied the original game :).