Battle Bots

In 2014, in my first year at Saxion, I joined another Global Gamejam. Not to participate, but to breathe in the atmosphere while slaving away preparing my courses for the next trimester… yeah, okay that didn’t really happen :). Seeing all my students enthousiastic and excited to start on their game, prepping powerpoint sheets suddenly seemed a lot less glorious.

Long story short, exit sheets, enter game-jam in solo mode, happily hacking away on my first AR application ever. Using existing art assets from the Unity Asset Store I managed to whip up this prototype and my fellow jammers had a blast playing it, unexpectedly resulting in winning the audience award. Whooptiedoo!

  • Programming the game in Unity and Vuforia using novel code structures only used at gamejams or to kill little kittens.
  • Although it seems the turret on the left is severely broken, this is in fact a feature *cough bug*.
  • After working on the game for about a weekend, I wanted to create a build for desktop. Turned out Vuforia didn’t allow this and I could only run the game from the Unity Editor. So much for upfront research and going with the first AR plugin you can find because of… well time pressure and the fact that the plugin was free might also have been involved.