AR Hockey Downloads

You’ve reached the private download page for AR Hockey. Note that AR Hockey is still in very early alpha state which means it will contain a fair share of bugs and limited functionality. Select a version below to download.

Alpha 0.3

Version changes:

  • Overall performance improvements (optimized UI shaders, sprite atlassing, etc)
  • Help text and program flow changes (shorter and to the point)
  • Particle effects and sounds added
  • Actual difficulty level changes (but AI still needs to be reprogrammed :))
  • Camera auto focus
  • Enabled OpenGL ES2.0 for now, this hurts performance (about 5-10 fps) but enables more devices. Need to test this in depth.
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Alpha 0.2

This is the first alpha version. As such the feature set is pretty limited. You can start the game, locate the marker and play a game and that is it. If you are willing to test the game and provide feedback through the contact form or on facebook that would be great.
Download no longer available. Please contact me through the contact form if necessary.